Arboleaf Bathroom Scales – The Ultimate Body Composition Monitors

Arboleaf Bathroom Scales – The Ultimate Body Composition Monitors

Arboleaf Bathroom Scales – The Ultimate Body Composition Monitors

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate way to track your body weight, body fat, and BMI? Look no further than the Arboleaf Bathroom Scales. These digital weighing scales are designed to provide you with comprehensive data about your body composition, helping you stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

Large Display for Easy Reading

Featuring a 48*60mm (1.8 x 2.3 inch) display, the Arboleaf Bathroom Scales show 7 key measurements at a glance. With just one look, you can see your Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, and BMI. No more squinting or struggling to read small numbers – the large display ensures that you can quickly and directly access your vital health information.

14 Body Analysis Data Points

These weighing scales go beyond just measuring your weight. With the Arboleaf Bathroom Scales, you can accurately measure and analyze 14 different body composition metrics. From BMI and body fat percentage to muscle mass and bone mass, these scales provide a comprehensive overview of your body’s composition. You can easily view and record your data in the “arboleaf” app, and even sync it with other popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Add Multiple Users for Personalized Tracking

The Arboleaf app supports the setup of up to 8 custom profiles, making it perfect for families or shared households. Each user can create their own account and track their individual progress. The scales automatically distribute the data to the right user, ensuring accurate and personalized tracking for everyone. Say goodbye to manual calculations and confusion – the Arboleaf Bathroom Scales make it easy for everyone to stay on top of their health and fitness goals.

High Quality and Accuracy

When it comes to weighing scales, accuracy is key. The Arboleaf smart scales have been designed with high-quality materials and advanced weighing algorithms to provide you with the most accurate measurements possible. Based on feedback from thousands of satisfied customers, these scales have been optimized for size, measuring just 280 x 280 x 25 mm (11 x 11 x 1 inch). This compact design makes them the perfect personal scale for users of all ages and sizes.

Note: Please download the App

To ensure the accuracy of your data, it is important to download the “arboleaf” app and connect the bathroom scales when using them for the first time. Once connected, you can see your measured data directly on the scale. In cases where the weight difference between two users is within 2KG (4.4lb or 0.31st), the scale cannot automatically assign the weight to the corresponding user or display other measured values. In such cases, you can easily check the data in the app for accurate tracking.


The Arboleaf Bathroom Scales are the ultimate body composition monitors. With their large display, 14 measurements, and ability to add multiple users, these scales provide accurate and comprehensive data for your health and fitness journey. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise tracking with the Arboleaf Bathroom Scales.