Fitcamx X-900 Smart Remote Car Key Fob

Fitcamx X-900 Smart Remote Car Key Fob

Upgrade Your Car with the Fitcamx X-900 Smart Remote Car Key Fob

Are you tired of carrying around multiple keys for your car? Do you want to enhance the security and convenience of your vehicle? Look no further than the Fitcamx X-900 Smart Remote Car Key Fob. This innovative device is designed to make your driving experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.


  • Brand: FITCAMX
  • Model No: X-900
  • Compatible Vehicle Model: The car with Push Start Engine button
  • Color: Red, Black, Silver, Blue, Gray

What’s in the Box

  • 1* LCD Car Key
  • 1* User Manual
  • 2* Cables
  • 1* OBD Adapter
  • 1* Plastic Cowbar
  • 1* Soldering Iron Kit

NOTE: It is recommended to find a professional to remodel it. Once failed upgrade, the Fitcamx car key will be defective. Please contact us if you have any questions installing it.

Compatible Car Models

The Fitcamx X-900 is compatible with most car models with Push Start Button. However, it is not compatible with BMW E-Chassis, as it requires the original key fob to be inserted into the ignition hole to start the car. It is also not compatible with key fobs with conductive rubber contact buttons. If you are unsure whether your car is compatible, please send us the car model year, photos of the key, and PCB for confirmation before placing an order.

Button Functions

The Fitcamx X-900 has 4 physical buttons: LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK, and Custom Button. If your original key fob has 5 or 6 buttons, you can only use 4 of them. These buttons allow you to easily control the locking, unlocking, and trunk opening functions of your car.


It is recommended to have skilled soldering personnel install the key, such as professionals who repair phones or electrical appliances. If you are in the U.S., we also provide installation services. After purchasing the key, please send photos of your original key fob according to the Installation Manual. Then, mail your key fob to us, and we will send it back to you after installation. Please note that installing the smart key is risky, so it is advised to use a spare key for installation.

Keyless Entry

The Fitcamx X-900 offers keyless entry, eliminating the need for wiring or coding in your car. Simply plug in the OBD adapter to activate this function. The car will automatically unlock when you approach it and lock when you leave. However, please be aware that enabling this feature will drain the smart battery faster. You can also choose to turn it off if desired.

DIY Car Picture

The Fitcamx X-900 key fob allows you to display your car picture on the screen. To do this, you need to create a PNG image according to the User Manual, connect the smart key to your computer using a USB cable, and upload the picture to the key fob. If you are unsure how to edit PNG images, you can contact us for assistance.


The Fitcamx X-900 Smart Remote Car Key Fob is a must-have accessory for any car owner. With its compatibility, keyless entry, and customizable features, it offers convenience, security, and personalization. Upgrade your car today and experience the benefits of this innovative device.