Supples Premium Diapers – The Perfect Choice for Your Baby

Supples Premium Diapers – The Perfect Choice for Your Baby

Supples Premium Diapers – The Perfect Choice for Your Baby


Choosing the right diaper for your baby is crucial in ensuring their comfort throughout the day and night. At Supples, we understand that nothing is more important than the well-being of your little one. That’s why we have developed Supples Premium Diaper Pants, designed to keep your baby comfortable and happy all day long. With our diapers, we aim to deliver happiness to every doorstep.

Why Choose Supples Premium Diaper Pants?

Cushiony Cotton Soft Fabric

Our Supples Premium diaper pants are made of a cottony soft material that is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. The soft fabric ensures that your baby stays comfortable and free from any irritation.

Non-Woven, Soft & Breathable Materials

Our diaper pants are made up of non-woven, soft, and breathable materials. This ensures that your baby’s delicate skin can breathe and stay dry, preventing any rashes or discomfort.

ADL Technology and Zig-Zag Channel Top Layer

Our diaper pants feature ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer) Technology, which ensures even liquid distribution. The Zig-Zag Channel top layer creates a large absorbing area, allowing for uniform and wide liquid distribution. This helps to keep the diaper dry and your baby comfortable.

Gel Magnet Bottom Layer

Our diaper pants have a Gel Magnet Bottom layer that is hydrophilic in nature. This layer absorbs a large amount of liquid, keeping your baby’s skin dry and preventing any leakage.

Up to 12 Hours Absorption

Supples Diaper Pants provide up to 12 hours of absorption, ensuring that your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. The 3D/triple leak guard further prevents any leakage and keeps your baby’s skin dry.

Large Absorbing Bottom Area

Our diaper pants have a core absorption pad that is large, ensuring maximum dryness for your baby. It can hold up to 7 glasses of liquid, where 1 glass is equal to 30 ml. This means that you can trust our diapers to keep your baby dry and comfortable for an extended period.

Comfortable Elastic Waistband

Supples Premium Diaper Pants feature a comfortable elastic waistband that is easy to wear and remove. The pull-up and remove mechanism makes it convenient for parents, while the gentle elastic is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sizes are available for Supples Premium Diaper Pants?

Supples Premium Diaper Pants are available in sizes NB, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. We have a size to fit every baby’s needs.

2. Are Supples Premium Diapers free from harmful chemicals?

Yes, Supples Premium Diapers are free from chlorine, parabens, alcohol, and phthalates. We prioritize the safety and well-being of your baby.

3. What is the color of Supples Premium Diapers?

Supples Premium Diapers come in a clean and pure white color, ensuring that your baby looks adorable while staying comfortable.


When it comes to your baby’s comfort, Supples Premium Diaper Pants are the perfect choice. With their cushiony cotton soft fabric, non-woven and breathable materials, ADL technology, and gel magnet bottom layer, these diapers provide up to 12 hours of absorption and keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable. The large absorbing bottom area and comfortable elastic waistband further enhance the overall experience. Choose Supples Premium Diaper Pants for a happy and comfortable baby!